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Central to UKAHT’s mission is the preservation of our six heritage sites in Antarctica. In this filter, you can see Damoy Hut in Dorian Bay, which stands out as the most modern of our Historic Sites and Monuments in the region. Originally serving as a British summer air facility and transit station for scientists journeying to southern scientific outposts, this hut has a unique history.

In 2023, one of our dedicated field teams took on the task of restoring and repainting Damoy Hut, bringing it back to its original vibrant orange hue. This revitalisation effort not only honours the hut's past but also ensures its continued legacy within the fascinating narrative of Antarctica's exploration.

Learn more: 26 days of ‘summer’ at Damoy Hut

Wearing Antarctica is a project by The UK Antarctic Heritage Trust. UKAHT aims to make our shared Antarctic heritage accessible to all, whether from the sofa or the ship. Find out more on our website.

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