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Throughout the years, our sites have played a pioneering role in advancing scientific research, particularly in the realm of climate change. Notably, UKAHT bases Port Lockroy, Horseshoe,and Detaille took centre stage as crucial monitoring sites during the International Geophysical Year(IGY) from 1957 to 1958. Have a go with the filter to see how it would have looked in one of these bases.

The IGY marked a new era of global collaboration in Earth sciences and paved the way for the 1959 foundation of the Antarctic Treaty, which came into force in 1961. This groundbreaking treaty emphasised the peaceful use of Antarctica and encouraged cooperative scientific research. The subsequent development of the Antarctic Treaty System solidified several international agreements, collectively working to safeguard Antarctic wildlife and preserve this unique region for generations to come

Learn more: What was the International Geophysical Year?

Wearing Antarctica is a project by The UK Antarctic Heritage Trust. UKAHT aims to make our shared Antarctic heritage accessible to all, whether from the sofa or the ship. Find out more on our website.

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