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Antarctic Dog Sledge

Sledges have a long history in polar exploration. They may have changed somewhat since Norwegian explorer Fridtjof Nansen first crossed Greenland 130 years ago, but sledges are still used by modern-day adventurers navigating the icy expanses of the polar regions.

Until 1994, dog sledge teams were integral to transportation at British bases in Antarctica. However, concerns about potential disease transmission and harm to native wildlife led to a ban on their use. Even though you won’t find dog teams in Antarctica anymore, mushing is still widely practised in the Arctic regions of Greenland, Alaska, Canada and Scandinavia.

Today, there are three historic sledges on display at Port Lockroy. Safely stored in the Boatshed during the harsh winter months, these sledges emerge each season to take their place among the museum's exhibits, offering visitors a glimpse into the rich history of polar exploration and the timeless allure of sledging in the frozen wilderness.

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